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Date: 21st June 2016
PET Heat Shrink Tube
PET Heat Shrink TubingWorking temperature: -60?C ~ +150?CPET heat shrink tubing is manufactured by twisted polyester film then adhesives by special glue. The glue possesses similar chemical characteristics with polyester film.?Main application range: insulation and mechanical protection for soldering,Website:, connection, wire harness, transformer, motor, cable, heating element, capacitor, telephone, electrical appliance etc.?DimensionInside Diameter2.0-65(mm),Thickness 0.05-1 (mm),?Length10-1000(mm)ColorClarity, Light Yellow, Haze , StripeMelting Point250?C?~ 265?CService?Temperature-70?C?~ 150?CDielectric Strength2650V/MIL25?C?60CYCLE ???????2125V/MIL150?C?60CYCLEWater Absorption75% Max after 24 hrs?ImmersionCorrosive on CopperNegligibleSolubility in Acid, Oil, Paint, Industrial Solvents tec.UndissolvedAntibacterial, Anti CorrosiveExcellentTenacityExcellentCuticle Intensity400g/cm2 (Min)Resistance Pressure50HZ 2500V/min Not PerforativeVisualSmooth, No Fleck & Eye WinkerStylePolyesterHeat Shrink PolyesterSlow Shrink PolyesterNot Flammable PolyesterShrinkage (Diameter)?232%8-12%?2%Shrinkage (Length)?235%8-12%?2%FlammabilitySlow to Self-extinguishingBurning ResistanceResistance CharacteristicsResistance to Abrasion, Acids, Immersion, Mildew, Industrial Solvent, Mechanical Destroy, Freon and Special LiquidsXylene Extraction<2%Environment ProtectionNo hurtful to Human and EnvironmentNote: Besides above dimension,?can manufacture other dimension upon request.
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