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Date: 21st June 2016
Nylon Expandable Sleeving
Nylon Expandable SleevingProduct Description: Nylon expandable sleeving is braided with?environment-friendly PA6?or PA66. It possesses good flexibility,Website:, fire resistance, abrasive resistance and thermal insulation performance. The sleeving owns smooth surface, bright color, various patterns.Characteristics: Working temperature: -50?C?~ +150?C Melting point: ?250?C?5 ??Flame resistant grade: UL VW-1Usage: Nylon expandable sleeving is widely used in bounding and protecting of electrical cables, automobile and aviation sectors. The selection of this product refers to following four parameters. A- yarn number (one or three); ??????????????????????????????? B- Diameter of single yarn?(0.25mm or 0.20mm)?? C- Strand number (48 spindles braiding machine or 72 spindles braiding machine) ???D- flat width(6mm or 18mm)Dimension:?Part No. Model No. Min Width (mm) Max Width(mm) Part No. Model No. Min Width(mm) Max Width (mm) 24#1200243656#1200568161250243612505681632002448320056102032502448325056102032#1200324864#120064918125032481250649183200325103200641224325032510325064122436#12003651072#120072101212503651012507210123200366123200721530325036612325072153040#12004061296#120096122412504061212509612243200407143200962040325040714325096255048#120048714120#12012015301250487141251201530320048816320120307032504881632512035100SUNBOW Featured ProductsAbout SUNBOWShenzhen Sunbow Insulation Materials MFG. Co., Ltd, established in 2003, mainly engaged in the research & development, manufacture and sale of various insulation sleeving. And we had leading R&D engineers, had a batch of advantageous equipment and testing instruments. Now we had excess of 10 independent patents, gained high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen.Our main products include fiberglass sleeving, silicone rubber tube, PVC tube, heat shrink tube, PTFE/FEP tube and so on. All our fiberglass sleeving had been obtained the UL and CSA certificates in 2010 (Cert No: E333178--UZIQ2, VW-1 for flame resistance requirement & E333177--UZFT2/8, 200C, 600V for thermal resistance requirement); Our heat shrink tube, silicone rubber tube and PTFE tube had been obtained UL certificate in 2013 (Cert. No. E360625); PVC tube had been obtained the UL certificates In in Apr.2014 (Cert.No.E467953); In May. 2012, our products successfully had been passed CQC test (Certificate No. CQC12134072554). It provides security for domestic and foreign home appliance supplier in Chinese mainland market. Till now, we are the only one fiberglass sleeving manufacturer which obtained UL, CSA, and CQC certificates. Also we are the only one manufacturer which can provide certificates for all color and maximum size range (from 0.55mm to 25.4mm). Also all our products are in conformance with the European RoHS requirements, furthermore, based on European new requirements, we re-applied and obtained German PFOA and PFOS certificates and European Reach report.
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