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Date: 21st June 2016
3:1 Heavy Wall Heat Shrinkable Tube Without Adhesive
Model Number: SB-RSFRW?Working temperature: -45?C ~ 125?CDetailsPlace of Origin: China (Mainland)?Brand Name: Sunbow?Type: Insulation Sleeving?Material: polyolefin?Application: High Voltage?Rated Voltage: 300v/600v?Tensile Strength: 15kv/mm?Shrink Ratio: 3:1Shrink temperature: 70-125 degree celsius?Certificate: UL/Rohs/Reach?Standard Color: Black(other color can be customized)?Tensil strength: >12MPa?Breakdown voltage: >15KV/mm?StructureHeavy wall heat shrinkable tube is manufactured by co-extrusion polyolefin and environment friendly hot-melt adhesive. It is designed to provide both insulation and sealing for protected articles. Both adhesive ?lined and without adhesive are available.?UsageIt has heavy wall,Website:, semi-rigid, sealing, insulation, damp proof performances. It is mainly used in electrons, electricity, telecommunications, automobile, shipping, aerospace manufacturing etc.DimensionFlame Retardant Heavy Wall Heat Shrinkable Tube without Adhesive LinedInner Diameter ? ? ?(mm)As supplied (mm) ? ? ?IDAfter Recovery(mm)Standard Package ?(m/pc)IDWhole Wall Thickness9/3?9?32.30?0.251.2213/4?13?42.75?0.251.2220/6?20?62.90?0.251.2228/9?28?92.90?0.251.2233/10.2?33?10.23.60?0.251.2238.1/12?38.1?124.00?0.301.2243.2/12.7?43.2?125.00?0.351.2251/16?51?165.00?0.351.2270/21?70?215.00?0.351.2285/25?85?255.00?0.351.22105/30?105?305.10?0.351.22120/39?120?395.10?0.351.22140/42?140?425.10?0.351.22
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