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Date: 21st June 2016
2:1 1 KV Bus-bar Heat Shrinkable Protection Tube
Model Number: SB-WMPG SERIES?Working temperature: -55?C ~ 125?CShrink ratio: 2:1?StructureBus-bar heat shrinkable protection tube adopts cross-linked and environmental friendly polyolefin material. It restricts the hazardous substance in PBB,Website:, PBBD, PBBE and other heavy metal, and supplies high dielectric strength and voltage withstand performance. It prevents bus-bar from chemical corrosion effected by strong acid, alkali, salt etc. It also has environmental friendly, flexible, flame retardant, soft performance. ? ? ? ? ? ? UsageIt is mainly used in dielectric and mechanical protection, joints and terminals.Characteristics1.Shrink temperature: 84?C ~ 125?C2.Environmental, flexible, flame retardant, softStandards1) GB/T 1059-2007 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 2) RoHS approvalSpecificationPropertyUnitStandardTest MethodTensile StrengthMPA?10.4(before aging)GB/T 1040 ? ? ?130?C *168hrs?7.3(after aging)Elongation%?300(before aging)GB/T 1040; GB/T7141 ? ? ?130?C*168hrs???????100(after aging)Heat Shock-no sticking;?no crackingJB 7829appendixD.(160?C*4hrs)Cold Blend-no cracking-30?C*4hrsBreakdown StrengthKV/mm?25GB/T 1408.1Volume Resistivity?.?cm?1?1014GB/T 1410Longitudinal Change%?50Off-center%?30UL 224Flame Retardant-?30GD/T 2406Water Absorption%?0.5ISO 62-1980Dielectric WithstandKV/mm?30kV.1minGB/T 1408.1Shore?Hardness(Shore A)?90GB 2401*This data is suitable for 10kv bus bar protection tube. When managing this test, the user must make the tube recovery evenly and make sure the max thickness>2mm, and bus-bar tubes are longer than 1200mm.**35kV bus bar off center proportion?50%.Dimension1)1KV Bus Bar Protection Heat Shrinkable TubeSpecificationBus?Bar Width(mm)As Supplied(mm)After Recovery(mm)Standard PackageIDWall ThicknessID??Wall Thickness???????(m/roll)1KV WMPG 303031.5?1.00.50?0.15?15.01.00?0.15501KV WMPG 353536.5?1.00.50?0.15?17.51.00?0.15501KV WMPG 404041.5?1.00.55?0.15?20.01.00?0.15501KV WMPG 454546.5?1.00.55?0.15?22.51.00?0.15251KV WMPG 5050?500.55?0.15?25.01.10?0.15251KV WMPG 6060?600.60?0.15?30.01.20?0.15251KV WMPG 7070?700.65?0.15?35.01.30?0.20251KV WMPG 75*75?750.65?0.15?38.01.30?0.20251KV WMPG 8080/100?800.65?0.15?40.01.30?0.20251KV WMPG 85*80/100?850.65?0.15?43.01.30?0.20251KV WMPG 90100?900.65?0.15?45.01.30?0.20251KV WMPG 100100/120?1000.65?0.20?50.01.30?0.20251KV WMPG 120150?1200.65?0.20?60.01.30?0.20251KV WMPG 150180?1500.65?0.20?70.01.30?0.20251KV WMPG 180MAX?1800.65?0.30?90.01.30?0.30251KV WMPG 210*MAX?2100.65?0.30?105.01.30?0.30251KV WMPG 230*MAX?2300.65?0.30?115.01.30?0.30251KV WMPG 250*MAX?2500.65?0.30?125.01.30?0.3025Remarks: There is no storage if the item is marked *. It should be especially customized.Color: Standard color is red, yellow and green.
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