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Date: 21st June 2016
1.5KV Silicone Fiberglass Sleeving
High Quality 1.5KV Silicone Fiberglass Sleeving for AC motor transformer wire hardness1. Model Number: SB-SGS-15 ?2. Structure?1.5KV High Quality Silicone Fiberglasss Sleeving with White Color is non-alkali fiberglass braided then coated with silicone resin and treated in high temperature. ?3. Working temperature: 200?C ?4. Application?SB-SGS-15 sleeving with its good dielectric strength,Website:, flexibility and flame retarding properties make it high performance qualities. It can be widely used in insulated or partially insulated conductors, bus bars, component leads, or assemblies of electrical components etc. ??5. Specification?ItemPerformanceNoteDielectric Breakdown ? ? ?Voltage ? KV ?ACMinimum Average?1.5Before AgingMinimum Single Point?1.0Minimum Average?1.06 Hrs* 245?5?C ? ? ?245?5?C 6Hrs AgingMinimum Single Point?0.7Thermal EnduranceNo Indication of CrackOK6 Hrs* 245?5?C ? ? ?245?5?C 6Hrs AgingFire ResistanceVW-1OKUL 14416. Dimension?Inside DiameterWall Thickness ? ? ? (mm)Standard Package ? ? ? ? ? ? ? (m/roll)Nominal(mm)Tolerance(mm)?0.5+0.2, -0.1?0.30200?1.0+0.2, -0.1?0.30200?1.5+0.2, -0.1?0.30200?2.0+0.2, -0.1?0.30200?2.5+0.3, -0.1?0.35200?3.0+0.3, -0.1?0.35200?4.0+0.3, -0.1?0.35200?4.5+0.3, -0.1?0.40100?5.0+0.3, -0.1?0.40100?6.0+0.3, -0.1?0.40100?7.0+0.3, -0.1?0.45100?8.0+0.3, -0.1?0.45100?9.0+0.3, -0.1?0.55100?10.0+0.3, -0.1?0.55100?12.0+1.0, -1.0?0.5550?14.0+1.0, -1.0?0.5550?16.0+1.0, -1.0?0.5550?18.0+1.0, -1.0?0.5550?20.0+1.0, -1.0?0.6525?25.0+1.0, -1.0?0.6525?30.0+1.0, -1.0?0.65257. Package Information?0.5mm ~ 4.0mm, 200 meters/roll;4.5mm ~ 10.0mm, 100 meters/roll;12.0mm ~ 18.0mm, 50 meters/roll;20.0mm ~ 30.0mm, 25 meters/roll.?Carton Size: 35*35*60cm.?8. Sunbow Promises?1) We promise our clients excellent quality, reasonable price, perfect service and on-time delivery. We are committed to becoming a globally-outstanding and recognized leader in insulation sleeving industry, a preferred and qualified supplier of world-class manufacture and a well-known enterprise all over the world;?2) We promise all our products supplied are of high quality, environmental-friendly, safe and reliable. We always make our contribution to human and social harmony;?3) We promise that all our products follow close to the line of all applicable laws, rules and regulations, and any other related requirements;?4) We improve our equipment performance, make innovation in our technologies and upgrade our specifications continuously. We are keeping improving our products quality, saving energy, pursuing low-carbon economy and improving environmental-friendly and safe performance of the products;?5) We are committed to providing our staffs with effective and comprehensive training and corresponding resources to improve their skills and their awareness of health, safety and environmental protection. We apply ourselves to improve our staffs' professional skills and quality to ensure that they can improve working performance and career competitiveness.?9. Why Us?1) convenient situation near to seaport2) UL, RoHS , Reach approval3) the only factory in China for all sizes and full colors to pass UL, RoHS, Reach certifications4) high quality non-alkali fiberglass yarn5) cutting service and special customized service can be available6) 3KV & 10KV tube of this type can be customized7) ISO 9001 : 2008 TS 16949 standard factory manufacturer8) high-tech enterprise in China9) 13-year manufacturing experience10) factory direct sales11) best price high quality product12) quick delivery time13) quick response for feedback14) few complaints from customers15) more competitive price for VIP customers10.Factory tourCompetitive Advantages?1) 1650C high temperature resistant2) high quality non-alkali fiberglass yarn3) free samples are available4) ISO 9001 : 2008 TS 16949 standard factory manufacturer5) high-tech enterprise in China6) with 12-year manufacturing experience7) factory direct sales8) best price high quality product9) quick delivery time10) quick response for feedback11) few complaints from customers12) more competitive price for VIP customers13) convenient situation near to seaport
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